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We pray, we give, and we GO. Not only do we support our partners by praying and giving resources, we also physically go to the corners of the earth to be the hands and feet of Jesus and love on the least of these. Grace Church has partners all over the world and we support countless ministries in other countries.

If you would like to partner with Grace Church as we make a difference across the world, click the button below to donate directly to our Global Missions efforts.


We partner with R.I.S.E. Haiti through sponsoring and facilitating an annual leadership conference serving on average 700 young adults. We participate in giving funds for the feeding program, training for teaching, and funding the building of the school and orphanage.


The Kashmir Evangelical Fellowship (KEF) exists to serve the unreached people of the Himalayas through community development, disaster relief, leadership training, and education. We partner with the KEF to provide humanitarian aid, occupational training centers, and much more.


Unreached Peoples Mission (UPM) exists to do just that – reach the unreached people in Tanzania. This ministry supports 154 full-time missionaries. UPM also reaches out to the unsaved poor by offering instruction in eight different vocational skills that can be used to provide for their needy families. We partner with UPM as they work to elevate the people of Tanzania.


Raven’s Hope International (RHI) is a Christ-centered resource center that offers spiritual growth, leadership development, and mission opportunities to young women 18-30 years of age from around the world. Grace Church partners with RHI by hosting young women from Cambodia for two to four months at a time when they travel to Texas and we provide them with leadership training, Biblical studies, life skill classes and more.

One Child Matters

One Child Matters is a ministry that brings hope, life, and love to 40,000 children living in poverty around the world. Grace Church partners with One Child by sponsorships to directly impact the life of a child and provide access to receive nutritional support, medical aid, and educational assistance.


Elam Ministries operates in the Iran region and uses satellite TV and Internet technology to reach the unreached inside Iran. We work with Elam to provide in-depth Bible teaching, leadership training, and encouragement to the Iranian Christian leaders who boldly travel in and out of the dangerous areas of Iran to spread the Gospel of Jesus. 


The Kemerovo Christian Center (KCC) is a drug rehab organization that offers a road to recovery to drug and/or alcohol abusers. We partner with the KCC by providing leadership support to the staff and help connect recovery program participants to resources to help them on their road to recovery.


We partner with a ministry called Markaz al Bishara. This ministry offers support to rural housing options, orphanages, schools, subsistence farmers and a variety of people living in poverty.


Victorious Christian Harvesters (VCH) is a Latin-American ministry that has offices across the US-Mexican border. Grace works with VCH to give support as they travel to reach the people of border towns and spread the love of Jesus.

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