I want to do something in my generation to help, not to hurt; to heal, not make ill; to build up, not tear down; to strengthen, not weaken. I want to do something in my generation to dry its tears, soothe its hurts, feed its hungry, clothe the naked, turn it around, and light its darkness.” –
— Bishop Franklin G. Jones



Live like Jesus, for Jesus, and not alone. This two-year internship will allow you to grow in your calling along with fellow interns who also share a passion for the Church and her mission. From participating in a weekly chapel to traveling to life-changing conferences and missions, you will grow in discipleship, ministry, and fellowship.


Learn the Bible, theology, practical ministry, and leadership in a simple and interactive online environment. While you intern at Grace you will be enrolled in courses taught by academically qualified and practically experienced church leaders so that you can better understand scriptures and effectively pursue the calling God has placed on your life.

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Lead in your church by serving your church. We are one church, many locations, serving the expansive region of Houston until everyone hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is a campus-wide internship where you will first serve in every ministry at Grace and then have the opportunity to choose out of our four Ministry Tracks: Generations, Media, Pastoral Leadership, Worship & Production. Seminars with leaders from each ministry will be held frequently in order to expand your expertise in that particular ministry.