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Grace Youth is a ministry for any young person in 5th to 12th grade. Our goal is to create passionate individuals who are chasing after Jesus and living with intent. In our ministry, students from every walk of life will have fun, find friends, and meet great leaders during our weekly services. We believe that at Grace Youth, we are ONE BIG FAMILY. We want every young person from every campus to know that they belong in our church family.

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We have youth services available at each of our campuses every Wednesday at 7pm. We have incredible worship, a relevant message, and life groups where students can learn more about God and can develop genuine relationships.


Grace Youth 5th & 6th Grade is a ministry where 5th & 6th grade students encounter God, grow together, and learn to serve the church by receiving grade level relevant messages, worship, and life groups.

5th & 6th meet on Sundays. For more information about 5th & 6th at your campus, check with the Welcome Desk.


UNIGHT is a special event for all 5th to 12th graders. Three times a year, students from all Grace campuses come together for a night of heartfelt worship, a timely word, and fun all around. From the parking lot to the stage, the entire campus is transformed – food, photo booths, fresh merch, new friends, and an opportunity to experience the power of Jesus. This is definitely everyone’s favorite event; don’t miss it and bring a friend!

The next UNight will be Friday, May 31st at 7pm!
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