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Hurricane Ian, one of the most powerful hurricanes in history, made landfall on the west coast of Florida. In its path of devastation, thousands of families and many communities lost power, sustained significant property damage, and now have a very long road of recovery ahead of them.

5 years ago, Houston was devastated by Hurricane Harvey and the good people of Florida provided aid through resources, and sent teams and materials to support our recovery efforts.

Grace Church remembers and will be there to help our family and friends in Florida.

Here's how you can help:


Pray that the Lord blesses those in need and equips churches in the communities that are leading recovery efforts.


You can donate online to the Disaster Relief efforts by clicking the button below. 100% of all funds received by Grace Church will reach people in need that were affected by Hurricane Ian.


Grace Church will assess the opportunity for recovery and rebuild teams to support the efforts of our partners in the locations affected by Hurricane Ian.

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