LIVE like Jesus and for Jesus with people from all phases and stages of life. This two-year internship will allow you to grow in your calling, along with fellow interns, who share a passion for the Church and her mission. From participating in a weekly chapel to going on a life-changing mission trip, you will grow in discipleship, ministry, and fellowship.


LEARN the Bible, theology, practical ministry, and leadership in a simple and interactive online environment. While you are enrolled in online courses, you will be a GLI intern. This internship is all about gaining experience with church leaders, receiving hands-on involvement at multiple campuses, and learning the practical skills of ministry and church-life support.  


LEAD in your church by serving your church. Grace Church’s mission is, “We are one church, many locations, until everyone hears the Gospel of Jesus Christ.” Grace Church is a multi-campus church, and this internship will expand across all Grace Campuses. You will have the opportunity to serve in various departments at Grace to then choose a specific Ministry Track for your degree plan. You will choose from these five tracks: Kids, Youth, Media, Pastoral Leadership, or Worship & Production.