Local Missions

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Homeless Ministry Outreach

Our Homeless Ministry Outreach is led by Mike and Jerri Lynne McManus.  The Homeless Ministry Outreach team meets the 3rd Friday of every month to pass out items to the homeless of Houston.  You can meet them at 6:50pm in the parking lot of St. Joseph Professional Bldg. at the corner of La Branch and West Gray Street or arrange to carpool by contacting missions@grace.one


Kids Hope USA

The most abundant resource in every church is the capacity for its members to share love. Person to person. With no agenda. And no expectations. Just show up. Giving individual attention to students at school grows harder every year. Larger class sizes and smaller budgets means fewer adults to connect with more kids. The obvious solution: Send the adults where they’re needed and can make an immediate difference—into schools. This is what Kids Hope USA is all about. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact Tracey Bogan at tbogan@kidshopeusa.org



Human Trafficking Ministry

We are so excited that we just launched the Human Trafficking Ministry in January 2019! Krizia Reed and Tzeitel Cruz are leading our church with awareness and prayer initiatives that will mobilize Grace to help end human trafficking in our city. The ministry will offer an awareness growth-track to get you on board, Saturday workdays at our partner's safe-houses, and plenty of opportunities to sow into the lives of trafficking survivors leaning on Jesus as they start a new life. Connect with them by emailing missions@grace.one


Disaster Relief and Distribution Site

When You Can’t Sit By and Do Nothing: A Quick Guide to the Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why of Setting Up a Disaster Relief Supplies Distribution Site