Grace Church isn't just a church. 


Grace Church is a God-inspired idea that saw its beginning in March of 1966 with Bishop Franklin and Mrs. Joyce Jones. It was then that the late Rev. Franklin Jones and his family of five came to Houston to assume the pastorate of Mt. Houston Pentecostal Church. There were twenty-one voting members at that time. Over the years the Lord smiled upon the growing congregation and the Jones family.

Nineteen years later the Bishop would ask a son to join him in ministry. This was a natural progression. Everyone understood a son following his father. No one questioned why Bishop Franklin would ask his son and daughter-in-law, Brett and Gizelle Jones, to follow him in the line of generations of men and women who gave themselves in ministry to the people of Houston, TX. What everyone could not see was the covenant of trust and partnership that was being developed. The honor of a son for his father developed great trust, and the dream of team ministry was born.

The God idea was fully given life ten years later when Pastor Brett Jones and his wife, Mrs. Gizelle, asked Scott and Melanie Jones to join the team. The uniqueness was that Pastor Scott was not asked to serve his older brother as an assistant, but to serve Grace Church as an equal. It was a novel idea, but it was a God idea. A church led by two senior pastors was unheard of, and many people questioned its viability.

Twenty years, four campuses, and thousands of salvations later, that God idea lives and thrives. Thirty years of pastoral ministry of Pastor Brett and Mrs. Gizelle and twenty years of pastoral ministry of Pastor Scott and Mrs. Melanie have proven effective.

Today the idea continues. A strong ministry team of willing and able participants — led by the two senior pastors who made what many judged impossible into a reality — support the vision cast decades ago. 

We are one church, many locations, reaching Houston and beyond (Humble, Houston-Garden Oaks, Liberty and Tomball). With our campus additions and online services, we offer thirteen weekly services to accommodate the more than 6,000 in weekly attendance.

We honor the legacy and history of Grace Church, and we are excited about the future that God has for us!

I want to do something in my generation to help, not hurt; to heal, not make ill; to build up, not tear down; to strengthen, not weaken. I want to do something in my generation to dry its tears, soothe its hurts, feed its hungry, clothe the naked, turn it around, and lighten its darkness.
— Bishop Franklin G. Jones

There is no place, like this place, near this place, so this must be the place!
— Bishop Franklin G. Jones