7th-12th Grade

Grace Youth is a junior high and high school-aged group of individuals chasing hard after Jesus and living with intent. Young people from every walk of life will have fun, find friends and meet great leaders through discipleship groups, Wednesday nights gatherings, and big monthly events called “U-Night.” Check out our locations page for more details about campus times and locations.


Encounter God

At Grace Church, we want our students to encounter the real, life-changing love of God, so the first Wednesday of the month is for just that, with our U-Night service.  Students from each campus come to Humble for an incredible night of worship, phenomenal preaching, and an exciting afterparty.

Grow Together

Life change can happen in an instant, but it is sustained through relationships. On most Wednesday nights, called Wednesday Connect, students meet in grade and gender specific connect groups with leaders who are trained and focused only on that specific group.  

Serve the church

Grace Youth is not the church of tomorrow, it is the church of today, and we believe that students should follow the example set by Jesus and serve others.  Because of these things, we push our students to join serve teams around the church.  Check out the Growth Track page to learn more about serving at Grace.


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