Connect Groups 

Finding your group is easy! Simply click on the “Find a Group” button below. Choose your campus from the dropdown menu to see all the groups available near you. You can even filter for the type of group, day of the week that it meets, and even for how often the group will meet! Choose a group that fits you and let’s grow together!



A connect group is like the family you always wanted. Being connected to fellow believers helps you build friendships, grow as a disciple of Jesus, and find the care you need to face life’s toughest challenges.


We all bring something to the table of life. Individually, we move through life at our own unique pace. When we choose to live life together, the speed of life seems to pick up. Together we can achieve more than any one of us can achieve on our own. Going faster in the right direction depends on who you are in relationship with. At Grace Church we know that being in relationship with people who are in relationship with Jesus makes life move in the right direction at the right speed. We want you to join us. Let’s do something great together!