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The Forgiveness of God Runs Deep

On the surface, the ever-popular Bible story of Jonah and the whale is loaded with tension, drama, action and dangerous extremes. It’s easy to miss it’s deeper truths which contrasts human nature with God’s nature. The shallow side of our own human nature has judged Jonah as cowardly, hardheaded, disobedient prophet but overlooked the glaring truth that we, too, are just like Jonah. 

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6 Ways Jonah Reveals The Gospel

Are you ever slightly confused by the Bible? When we read Old Testament stories, there are many life lessons to learn and wisdom to glean from, but we should be learning more about Jesus as the ultimate hero. The whole Bible gives context for the story of Jesus. Jesus is the hero of every story. The book of Jonah is no different. Here are 6 ways Jonah reveals the Gospel. 

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