This internship is not meant for you to do alone, just as are you are not meant to do life alone. For your academic courses, there will be frequent collaborating with fellow students and communicating with professors online. For your Ministry Track, you will be serving alongside other interns sharing your passion to grow and learning from our extraordinary leaders and pastors in person. Grace Leadership Institute thrives with people of many backgrounds, passions, and callings, all to serve the Kingdom of God and YOU are one of them.


Upon completion of the two-year internship, you will possess:Practical Understanding of the Bible. This includes the major themes surrounding creation, the fall, redemption, restoration, and what it means for us. Central to this understanding is a grasp of the Gospel of Christ. We want to help you achieve the authority of Scripture, for the betterment of the world.Practical Understanding of Theology. Christian doctrines such as the Father, Christ, the Holy Spirit, humanity, sin, salvation, and the Church will be examined in light of their biblical and historical formations. You will acquire an understanding of sound Christian theology and its implications in ministry and the Church.Christian Worldview. We believe that God’s truth has implications of all of life and governs our interactions with others and society as a whole. You will be equipped with the proper tools to apply biblical and gospel truth in every arena of thought, word, and action.Spiritual Leadership. As you grow deeper in discipleship with your studies, spiritual disciplines, and fellowship, you will also grow to understand the true leadership example of Jesus – serving others. You will be able to apply all that you have learned about God, His Word, and His Church by helping His people as you follow His calling on your life.